Meet the Mark 3

Newly updated for 2025, the fully equipped Mark 3 sets a new standard of quality, while maintaining majors features like AC and power windows. Preorder now with a $250 deposit to save $1000.

Meet the Sprout 3

The nimbler companion to the Mark, the 2025 Sprout 3 is a compact 3 seater. Perfect for narrow roads and urban environments, the Sprout 3 packs our familiar performance into an adorable package.

A Revolutionary Electric LSV

WINKs are Heavyweight Smooth Riding LSVs
WINKs are Beautifully Built with Excellent Fit & Finish
WINKs are built to last
WINKs Come with a 1 year Parts & Labor Warrantee
WINK LFP Batteries have a 4 year Warrantee

Mark 3 Features

  • 4 Passenger 5 Door Hatchback
  • Fully USA DOT Registered, & STREET LEGAL
  • Weight: 1900 lbs
  • Dimensions: 132” L x 58” W x 64” H
  • Air Conditioning & Heat
  • Max Range: 55-65 miles
  • Power Windows & Remote Door Locks
  • Built-In110 Volt Charger
  • 4000 Watt brushless motor
  • 7.2 Kwh LFP Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Mark 3


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affordable and adorable

The perfect electic vehicle for driving in the cities, suburbs, or private communities.
Zip through traffic, park in impossibly tiny spots. No more battling the elements on a bicycle or waiting on slow public transit.
Whether it's an extra vehicle at your vacation home or a runabout for your retirement community, Winks are easy to charge in a standard 110v outlet, and the 10 year lifespan of the LFP battery means your Wink stays affordable for years to come.
Reserve yours with a $250 deposit today.


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Mark 1 - White - New
Mark 1 - White - New
Mark 1 - White - New
Grunt Prototype - Nearly New
Grunt Prototype - Nearly New
Grunt Prototype - Nearly New
Deluxe Prototype - New
Deluxe Prototype - New
Deluxe Prototype - New
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Sprout Solar - Brand New - Blue
Sprout Solar - Brand New - Blue

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It's not a car, It's a Wink!™

Groundbreaking Wink vehicles are America's only affordable Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs or LSVs) with built in solar panels, fully-equipped with climate control, power windows & locks, and rearview camera. Winks are STREET LEGAL and fully DOT-Compliant.


Two Wink models charge by sunlight. Free power from the sun! All four models plug in anywhere to any standard 110 volt home outlet. Charging a Wink vehicle costs less than a dollar, and the high quality LFP battery comes with a 7 year warranty.

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