About us

Our founder

Mark Dweck, founder and CEO of Wink, is a classic car collector and expert in the automotive industry. He also has over 40 years experience as an importer, creating and producing the highest quality products for Fortune 50 companies.

He has developed a reputation over decades in the industry for thorough product inspection and manufacturing to the highest standards, as well as always standing behind his products. This has earned Mark a high level of respect from his colleagues and customers alike. He is also blessed with a warm and winning personality, further contributing to his enormous success.

With Wink Motors, Mark combines his passion for cars with his expertise in importing and his dedication to quality and customer service.

our mission

To build an electric vehicle company providing great care, service, value, and practicality for our respected customers.

Our emphasis is on the long-term, not the short-term. Our goal is an affordable, sustainable future. 

Why Winks? Why now?

For the future of the planet

For economy in use

For affordable transportation for all

For excellence in quality, reliability, and service

For our children

For our grandchildren