Winks in the Media

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"And when I climbed into one these vehicles for the first time last week in New York City, I was surprised to see just how much like a “real” car it felt. Considering they cost less than many golf carts (the Wink Sprout LSV starts at around US $9,000), there’s a surprising amount of car-like qualities."


"Looking out my home office window in Portland, a blustery east wind drives raindrops through the 37-degree air and semi-pressure washes the glass. Take the Vespa or ebike on errands today? Mmmm.... nope. I’m just not that hard core. If only there was a much more comfortable, maneuverable and fuel-free option to get to the store"

The Autopian

"if you live in a city like New York or San Francisco or some college town and do most of your driving in-town, why bother with some big-***, boring SUV or crossover? Why not end-run around the hassle and squeeze in parking spots between a dumpster and a wall and spend nothing for gas? Cut that Gordian knot of traffic and hassle!"