What is a Wink?

WINK vehicles are the only fully equipped Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) with built-in solar panels (available on two models). WINKS are street legal and fully US DOT-compliant. 

Two models charge by sunlight. All four models plug in anywhere to any standard 110 volt outlet. It only costs around one dollar to charge a Wink. 

How do I get a refund of my deposit?

Pre-order deposits are refundable within 14 days of receipt. If you request a refund of your deposit it will be credited back to the payment source, usually within 21 days depending on your bank billing cycle.

In the event that you decide not to complete the full purchase transaction but 14 days have already passed since your deposit was received, your deposit will not be refunded. 

All sales are final. 

Please contact us by email or phone to request your refund. 

When will Winks be delivered?

We anticipate having Winks available for shipment before the end of 2022. Limited initial quantities will be available as we scale up production. 

Fulfillment will be first come, first served. While Wink vehicles are already in low-volume production, we expect to scale up production in early 2023 to meet the growing demand.

Do I need a drivers license or insurance to drive a Wink?

Most states require a drivers license to operate LSV Winks. Some states allow drivers as young as 14 years old to operate these vehicles.

Insurance may be mandatory in your state. Please check local laws. Wink Motors highly encourages drivers to have insurance. 

What payment options are available?

Orders for the full amount are acceptable by credit card and other payment methods available on our order form.

Orders paid in monthly installments are available by debit card only, per the Terms and Conditions of Shop Pay Installments in partnership with Affirm. Payment terms of 3, 6, or 12 months are available for qualified buyers.

More details are provided by Shop Pay.

Wink will add a referral charge of $299.00 for purchases using Affirm finance. 

What EV tax credits are available?

While there are not currently any federal tax credits that include Low Speed Vehicles, state-level tax credits may apply.

Check your local and state regulations regarding EV tax credits to see if LSVs apply. More information coming, stay tuned!

What is the cost for delivery?

Delivery costs vary by distance from our NY/NJ facilities. Please email us to request a free quote.

Contact us at sales@winkmotors.com or call 1-888-462-9465 for shipping rates depending on your zip code.

Where do Winks ship to?

Shipping is available to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

We do not currently offer shipping internationally, or to Alaska and Hawaii.

 We'll update if this changes!

Where are Winks street-legal?

Winks are street legal in 46 states. They are fully US DOT-compliant. In most states Winks can be driven on public roads with posted speed limit of up to 35 mph. The top speed of Wink vehicles is 25 mph, as limited by federal law.

Most states require that your Wink be registered, insured, titled and plated for road use. Please check your local laws.

Winks have individual 17 digit VIN numbers and included a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO). This MCO serves as a legal ownership document for registering your Wink.

Winks are classified a Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). As such, Winks are NOT public road legal in the states of CT, NY, MS, and MT.

Winks can be driven in every state on private roads such as golf courses, private or retirement communities, in every state.

Insurance is recommended.

Are Winks DOT Compliant?

Yes, Winks are US DOT-compliant, have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and carry all DOT required special equipment. 

Winks not only meet US DOT requirements, but they actually include safety equipment exceeding US DOT requirements.

How will service and repairs be handled for Winks?

For warranty repairs, contact SPROUT SERVICE by Wink Motors by email or phone to advise your issue. 
We will search for, advise and pre-arrange for a local repair shop to have your Wink serviced.
 Sprout service by Wink Motors will cover and pay for the repair cost directly with the shop.

SPROUT SERVICE may also elect to do service in its own facility.

What is unique about the Wink Introductory Offers?

Our introductory pricing is lower than our anticipated future pricing.

Introductory vehicles include extra cost upgrades such as deluxe vegan leather seating, upgraded aluminum alloy wheels, and paint color options. This $900.00 value is included at no extra charge.

How does Wink control quality?

Winks are quality assured through multi-level production inspections and validations.

The function, fit and finish on every WINK is scrupulously inspected at the factory by an independent world-renowned third-party inspection company. 

How do I turn on my Wink?

The power is turned on when the key is inserted and turned. Each Wink is also equipped with an easily accessed master power disconnect switch for peace of mind when your Wink is not in use.

What type of batteries do Winks use?

Winks come with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Wink battery cells are sourced from BYD and assembled separately into battery packs.

Our batteries use LiFePO4 cells that are state of the art, and electric car manufacturers such as Tesla and GM are now switching to this type of safer battery chemistry.

Winks include a seven-year pro-rated battery limited warranty. Most LSVs come with traditional lead acid batteries with average two-year lifespans, and can cost thousands to replace. We highly recommend avoiding lead acid batteries due to the weight, cost and quick deterioration of the old battery technology.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes 6 - 8 hours on average to charge a Wink battery from a 110V wall outlet. 

Solar and ambient light charging speeds up charging and can charge the batteries up to an additional 100 to 150 miles of range per week, depending on sun conditions.

Solar charging efficiency can be greatly affected by the intensity of available sunlight.

How much does it cost to charge the battery?

Full charge from empty to full usually costs between $0.75 to $1.75 depending on your local electric power rate.

Free power from the sun on solar models means that you might never have to pay for charging the battery.

How do I charge the battery?

The battery can be charged anywhere using any standard 110v power outlet.

Sprout models include portable battery chargers. Mark 1 and Mark 2 Solar models include Built-In battery chargers.

Solar models can automatically receive battery charging from the sun.

How many passengers can a Wink carry?

All current Wink models can legally carry four passengers. US DOT compliant shoulder belts or seat belts are included for each passenger.

What are the technical details for the motor and controller?
  • Rated power: 3 kW
  • Peak power: 7 kW
  • Motor type: 60v air cooled brushless AC motor
  • Motor controller: 60v high efficiency (92% efficiency), 3-phase brushless controller
What are the technical details of the brake system?
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Dual Circuit Hydraulic Master Cylinder

  • SPROUT Models include an electric brake hold system with electronic parking brake
Do Winks come with a warranty?

We include a 6 month-5,000 mile standard limited warranty, parts and labor included, typical wear items are excluded.

We also include a 7 year pro-rated battery warranty.