Introducing the Mark 3

At Wink Motors, we believe in the constant pursuit of innovation, quality, and design with our fully street legal low speed electric vehicles. This spirit is deeply embedded in the DNA of our newest release: the Mark 3. Building on our dedication to environmentally-friendly, practical, and stylish transportation, the Mark 3 is a masterstroke of engineering that truly understands the modern driver.

Compact yet capacious, the Mark 3 is a marvel of space utilization. This four-passenger, five-door hatchback slips effortlessly into tight parking spots and navigates the bustling city with ease. Yet, inside, you'll find plenty of room, making every journey comfortable, no matter how many groceries, friends, or memories you're bringing along.

Even if you’re opting for an environmentally-friendly LSV over a traditional car, we know you can’t sacrifice range and power. With this in mind, the Mark 3 features a 100-amp, 72-volt LFP lithium iron phosphate battery, offering you an impressive maximum range of 65 miles. 

When it comes to speed, the Mark 3 delivers a top speed of 25 mph, striking the perfect balance between pace and safety. This is a car designed to weave through urban environments and cruise on suburban roads with confidence and ease.

The Mark 3 has been designed to charge fully in just 8-10 hours from any standard 110-volt household outlet, making recharging your Mark 3 as simple as plugging in your smartphone. No special equipment, no lengthy installations, just pure, uncomplicated convenience. You won’t get that with Tesla. 

For us, the sustainability and convenience of an electric LSV means nothing if people can’t afford it. That’s why we are offering a special pre-order price of $12,995, secured with a $250 refundable deposit. The regular price post-launch will be $13,995, which still makes us one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market. We expect to launch the Mark 3 in November of this year (2023).

At Wink Motors, we’re not just building cars; we’re creating the future of sustainable, practical, and convenient transportation. Join us for the next step in our journey with the Mark 3.

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