Low Speed Electric Vehicles and the Environment

There is no question that low speed electric vehicles (LSVs) are a great option for any urban or dense neighborhood commute. They’re small to store, inexpensive (at least in the case of Wink Motors), and super convenient. But their real impact is environmental. While it’s obvious that they’re a huge upgrade from a gas-powered vehicle, they’re even easier on the environment than your typical electric car (and a whole lot cheaper). So if you’re looking for an option that’s easy on the planet and your wallet, forget a Tesla. Go for an LSV. 


What is an LSV?

Before we get into the reasons low speed electric vehicles are better for the planet, let’s explain what an LSV is. An LSV is a small vehicle that typically has a max speed of 25 mph. While the most obvious example is a golf cart, many LSVs offer all of the comforts of a full-sized car. 


LSVs and Pollution


The first and most obvious environmental benefit of an electric LSV over a gas-powered car is that they don’t produce emissions during operation. This is of course true of any electric vehicle. A Tesla Model Y isn’t pumping out greenhouse gasses when it’s cruising down the highway. However, there are two major pollution factors that full-sized electric cars don’t address. 


Number 1 is manufacturing. While some factories are moving towards solar power, they’re not quite there yet, and building a 6000 lbs Ford Lightning produces more emissions than 800 lbs LSV. And weight is also an issue with the second factor, particulate pollution. Every time you hit the brakes on your car, you’re shooting some pollution into the air as your tire wears down. As you might expect, since a heavier vehicle takes more force to stop, the lighter the car, the less particulates. This is true whether it’s a gas-powered golf cart or a solar-powered LSV. 


LSV Energy Consumption


Another pretty obvious factor is lower energy consumption. With electric vehicles in general, you have better efficiency while idling or sitting in traffic. Plus, depending on where you live, you may be getting a major portion of your electricity from renewable sources instead of gas alone. 


However, a typical EV still takes the equivalent of 8 gallons of gasoline in energy to charge. Sizing down your vehicle makes a huge impact on how far that gets you. By sizing down to an LSV, you’re getting an absurd amount of distance out of the same amount of energy. Of course, the range isn’t as big, but if you’re focused on short commutes and errands, you don’t need 300 miles per charge. And with models like the Sprout Solar and Mark 2 Solar, you can do some of that charging through a roof-mounted solar panel.


LSVs and Traffic


One of the less obvious environmental impacts of LSVs is their effect on traffic congestion. A large amount of emissions come from cars sitting in traffic. Just because you’re not moving doesn’t mean you’re not polluting. Electric cars solve a lot of this, but a couple of EVs on the road won’t help the gas cars idle less. LSVs can.


Your first thought might be “smaller cars need less room on the road,” but let’s think about that: Will 20 small vehicles get you through the light any faster than 20 full sized cars? Probably not. However, if you live in a dense urban area, you know how long you spend driving around looking for parking. Smaller cars can fit where others can’t, which means you’re off the road (and not blocking traffic) faster. 


The second way LSVs help traffic congestion is by creating safer streets for bikes and pedestrians. LSVs are slower and lighter, which makes them much less deadly in an accident. If people feel safer walking and biking, more people will choose to leave their cars at home. Walking is not an option for everyone, but do you know what is? Choosing the vehicle that makes it easier for others to do so.  


Join the LSV Movement 

There’s no silver bullet for combating climate change and saving the environment. It’s going to take all the tactics we have. But low speed electric vehicles help on a multitude of fronts, from lower manufacturing emissions to the encouragement of active transportation options. That’s why we at Wink Motors are going all in on the movement, with our full line of small, affordable, and comfortable electric LSVs. All our vehicles come with doors, AC, heating, and an entertainment system without any extra cost, unlike most of our competitors. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a lot to make a huge impact. Join the LSV revolution today.